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California is one of the most beautiful states in America to visit it has everything from large cities, quirky towns, corporate centres, theme parks, chilled-out, hippy-vibe places to famous beaches. And gorgeous weather to boot! There's something for all types of travellers and plenty to do, whether you're going for a short break or a longer trip.

Big Sur

One of the best ways to see the state is to hire a car and drive around as much as you can. California , of course, is home to the famous Highway 1 a 548-mile road that stretches along the coastline from Leggett, north of San Francisco , to San Juan Capistrano , north of San Diego . By simply driving down this route, or at least part of it, you will discover breathtaking scenery, lovely coastal towns and superb beaches. And you'll be able to visit two of the top destination cities in California San Francisco and Los Angeles . I was lucky enough to drive down parts of the fantastic Highway 1 in 2006 and 2007 and I would definitely recommend the drive to anyone!

Universal Studios Hollywood
Universal Studios Hollywood

Car hire in the United States is relatively cheap, and each company will provide you with a wide selection of cars. For the ultimate in coastal driving, however, why not hire a convertible go on, you know you want to!