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Santa Monica : Where to Stay

Hotel California
1670 Ocean Avenue

Stay in the "world famous Hotel California", they proclaim... and why not? Located on the beach, a more reasonably priced hotel than some of its neighbours. Very laid back too.

Loews Santa Monica
1700 Ocean Avenue

Perfectly located, this sumptious hotel is located right on the beach and within close proximity to everything else that Santa Monica has to offer.

Shutters On The Beach
1 Pico Boulevard

Situated right on the beach, this hotel boasts sumptious interiors that mix modern and traditional. The hotel also boasts a decent-sized pool and spa facilities. Be sure to dine at the restaurant - there's simply stunning views.

Viceroy Santa Monica
1819 Ocean Avenue

This is the kind of hotel that divides the masses - you'll either love the decor, styling and vibe or hate everything about it. I'm very much in the former camp. The hotel is themed green, black and white and has beautiful interior design, not to mention very beautiful door staff too. Two small pools exist in the garden, where it's obvious that more posing goes on than swimming. There's the famous Whist restaurant, but my tip would be to base yourself in the Cameo Bar instead - they do bar snacks, which are actually proper meal-sized! Cameo's signature cocktails are themed on desserts and are quite sweet, so I'd recommend you stick to your normal drink of choice. An episode of Nip/Tuck was filmed here, and Britney Spears even made a post-partying pit-stop here in October 2007.

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